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The following is a list of resource materials created by the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA), the Calgary Celiac Association and Health Canada in a printable format.

Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) Resources

From symptom trackers to gluten-free diet guides, the Canadian Celiac Association has multiple resources on celiac disease available in several languages. Always check the National website for the most current and reliable information. We have included links to the most popular items here:

CCA National Website:

Newly Diagnosed:

Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) Resources:

Celiac Disease – What is it
Dermatitis Herpetiformis- What is it
Myths and Facts
Celiac Disease: Blood Testing
Celiac Disease Hidden and Dangerous
Celiac Disease: Teacher Tips
Celiac Disease and Seniors
Celiac Disease: Oral and Dental Complications
Links to National Website Resources

Topical Infographics:

Calgary Celiac : Resources

Our local Calgary Celiac education committee is constantly working to provide reliable and relevant resource materials.

Calgary Celiac 101 Slide Presentation (Rev Aug 23)
Calgary Celiac 101 Resource Roadmap
Gluten Free 1-2-3 (Quick guide for Calgary Food Bank)
Dining Out with Celiac (May 2022 Article)
Keep Gluten Free Foods Gluten Free (Preventing Cross Contamination)
Diet Guidelines Diet Cautions (Red, Yellow, Green)
Links to Calgary Celiac Resource Materials

Health Canada : Resources

Find out more about Celiac Disease, labelling laws and the Gluten Connection on the Health Canada website.

Celiac Disease –

The Gluten Connection Publication
Canada Food Guide
Links to Health Canada Materials