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Growing Up Celiac 

A diagnosis of celiac disease or a gluten-related disorder can be overwhelming at first. For children, it might mean a change to their diet and having to enjoy different snacks and treats than the ones they might be used to having. They or their caregiver will need to carefully check labels for sources of gluten. Chocolates, sauces and treats often contain wheat but there are many that are safe to consume. It’s just takes some time, knowledge and a bit of practice.

It’s important for the child along with the parents to learn to read labels and advocate for themselves.

Download the Workbook

Or, email [email protected] for a hard-copy to be mailed to you.

Gluten-Free Food Guide for Children & Youth

The first ever food guide specifically for celiac kids! Created by Dr Diana Mager et al. from the University of Alberta.  Everything you and your child need to know about healthy eating on a gluten free diet.

Download the Food Guide

For more children’s resources. Go to Resources for Celiac Children – Celiac Canada

Calgary Kids Meetups

The Calgary Celiac Association offers Kids Meetups throughout the year. Check our Upcoming Events Page for information on the next meetup.

Other events throughout the year have included a Family Christmas party, Telus Spark meetup, Stampede Pancake breakfast.

Would you like to join the Kids Meetup Steering Group? We’re looking for parents of elementary school aged children who are interested in participating in Kids Meetup. Your input will help the program to take shape. Please contact Emily at [email protected], if you’re interested in helping with meetups.

Celiac Kids Camp

Since 1995 the Calgary Celiac Association has partnered with existing camp locations in Southern Alberta to provide a camping experience for children with celiac disease.

Unfortunately Calgary Celiac is unable to offer a camp for 2024.

Calgary Celiac is seeking parent volunteers to help investigate camp options and organize future kids camps. Email [email protected] if you can help out.